Fatal Flaws in Your Business Plan

George T. Taft

A business plan is the blueprint that guides aspiring entrepreneurs as they build their new business ventures. From 2008 – 2010, I taught a 20-week business plan writing course at an SBA-affiliated women’s business development organization. We met for three hours each week and students wrote their plans week by […]

Getting Your Accountant Services Right the First Time

George T. Taft

Small business owners struggle to effectively administer their own internal accountant services and grapple with managing the books. When setting up a comprehensive accounting department it is important for you to ensure the following five areas are covered: payroll services, tax deductions, incentives and credits, corporate taxes, and financial statements. […]

Big Market For Internet Marketing Consulting

George T. Taft

For driven, self-motivated, creative people looking for a new opportunity to challenge themselves and make incredible profits, Internet marketing consulting is the new frontier. Just about every business these days has a Web site or is in the process of getting one. Small business has realized that the Web offers […]

Bike Accidents In India And Insurance Claim – Complete Guide


Although riding a motorbike is fun, there is a certain amount of risk involved. Our citizens treat traffic regulations and strict driving behaviour with extreme laxity. This significantly raises the likelihood of getting into a bike accident in India. You must exercise particular caution when riding a motorcycle since, unlike […]