6 Tips For Keeping The Momentum

George T. Taft

If you’re going to keep your business running efficiently and effectively, as well as keep it growing, keeping the momentum is imperative. Sometimes this is easier said than done so here are a few tips to help you:

1. Plan & Hold The Vision. Nearly everything requires a plan. You have to know where you want to go in order to get there. Be sure that you map out yearly, monthly (and even weekly) goals so that you always know what your plan is, what your destination is and how you’re going to get there. Never worry too much about perfection. Things can be tweaked and updated as necessary. We recently talked about creating a Vision Board, keeps yours nearby to help you stay focused on the prize! Keeping your eye on the prize can help you maintain the focus and motivation you need.

2. Revisit The Beginning. Go back to the beginning and remember what started you off on the path you’re on. You were probably quite excited to get moving? Bring that feeling back by remembering your passion and re-energizing what it was that fueled you to begin with.

3. Continue to learn new things. Most successful business owners read and invest in new information and training that will catapult them forward. If you are desiring success, yet not continually investing in that growth then you will never reach the success you are wanting. Getting mentoring, accountability and continued expert training is critical to your growth and the growth of your clients! Meeting new people will expand your perspective and your network. In addition, exploring new avenues and feeding your brain prevents boredom, keeps the wheels turning, and allows you to expand on ideas and possibilities, keeping your business fresh and energized.

4. Utilize Your Network. You probably have friends, business associates or circles in social networks – utilize them when necessary. If you’re stuck on something, reach out! Most likely someone will have an answer or an idea for you to get the answer, and you probably have people more than willing to support and encourage you in those ‘stuck’ moments. Never be afraid to ask for help, opinions/feedback, or just a little push of encouragement.

5. Reward Yourself & Your Team. Just because you work for yourself doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get a reward for goals accomplished and steps made forward! When you were a kid, in school, or working for someone else didn’t it always feel good to get that pat on the back or that reward? You can still have that, give it to yourself. Rewards help keep us feeling good about the steps we’re making…a reward can be as small as a favorite magazine with a comforting cup of tea. It could also be a mani/pedi, a spa day, a half day off to relax in the park or anything else you enjoy. When you’re indulging in your reward, just be sure to remember ‘why’ you’re rewarding yourself.

6. Maintain Balance. It’s important to maintain balance between your business life and your home life. Failing to do so can cause burnout and contribute to losing momentum. Try to avoid neglecting your home life or “you” time just because you think you’ll get farther faster; it could actually slow you down if you hit burnout mode and set you back. Sometimes we have to work a bit of “overtime” but try to keep it to a minimum and make time for you so that you’re energized and ready to dive in again tomorrow. Most important, make sure you are delegating all of the tasks you can so you can focus on what you are uniquely Great at. As your business grows, the amount that you delegate should be greater too.

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