Electric Scooter Vs Petrol Scooter – Which One To Choose?

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Electric scooter vs Petrol scooter: Detailed comparison | MM Technology

In recent years, two-wheeler technology has advanced significantly. The buyer today has a variety of options, including the most modern electric variations. Nonetheless, gasoline-powered models still rule the market. And those who are out shopping for a scooter can’t help but wonder: which should I bring home—an electric scooter or a gasoline scooter?


Although non-carbon fuel may be on the horizon, the technology has not yet reached its full scale. Nonetheless, many domestic automakers are placing their bets on the electric vehicle market. One can now get an electric scooter with a respectable travel distance, powerful motors, and cutting-edge technology. While considering buying an electric bike, do not forget to go in for adequate electric bike insurance.


Want to buy a brand-new scooter? Confused about electric vs gasoline scooters? Should you remain with the dated but dependable petrol scooter or choose cleaner, more advanced technology? Read on so that you can make a well-informed choice about buying the right vehicle.


Factor Electric scooter Petrol scooter
Pricing Since the best electric scooters use more expensive lithium-ion batteries, they are typically more expensive than their petrol-powered equivalents. The incentive for e-scooters, however, was recently increased by the central government to Rs. 15,000 per KWh, and the incentives’ cap now amounts to up to 40% of the two-entire wheeler’s cost. * Indian consumers are very picky about prices. This is a significant element that favours purchasing a petrol scooter because they are priced differently depending on the engine size. Yet, more customers are converting to e-scooters as a result of rising gas prices.
Operational range Electric scooters are a wonderful choice for short daily trips, but due to the scarcity of charging stations, they are not practical for lengthy journeys. Top-tier electric scooters often have a range of up to 75 kilometres per charge. Also, many electric vehicles have options for home charging. The well-known Ather 450X comes with a free Ather Dot home charger. Most gasoline scooters typically get between 40 and 50 kilometres per gallon. If your scooter’s tank is full, which holds approximately 5 litres, you may travel about 250 kilometres. Also, there are gas stations all across the nation, so a traditional scooter’s range is essentially unlimited.
Fuel cost At 15% of the price of one litre of fuel, an electric scooter will travel the same distance as a petrol scooter. So, in the comparison between electric and gasoline bikes, EVs come out on top since they are more cost-effective in the long run. The typical petrol scooter has a range of 50–60 kilometres per litre. Some fuel-efficient choices, however, can travel up to 100 kilometres per litre.
Maintenance EVs need less maintenance than typical vehicles. So, in terms of maintenance, is an electric scooter better than a gas one? Not fully, as you also need to regularly clean the model in addition to charging the battery. Regularly inspect your tyres for under-inflation to ensure prompt replacement. They also need an EV policy in India. Regular maintenance is required for gasoline scooters, and worn-out mechanical components need to be replaced.



Since their inception, electric vehicles have advanced significantly. But, their advantages still aren’t enough to finally put a stop to the ongoing argument between electric and gasoline scooters. Thus, consider your needs and consider your riding style before selecting any type. Electric bike insurance must be opted for as soon as you purchase an electric bike.


To summarise, while having a long charge time and restricted range, electric scooters are also extremely low-maintenance and environmentally beneficial. Make sure you pick up the best electric vehicle insurance for your vehicle.

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