Giving grain storage house for Ghana’s maize farmers

George T. Taft

In Ghana, maize farmers generally launch their comprehensive yields to the market instantly just after harvest. For the reason that of the mechanics of supply and demand from customers, this is not always the most effective time to make the products accessible, as the rates fall when the industry gets saturated.

Herein lies an chance for an trader or entrepreneur, in accordance to Ben Kemetse, co-founder of M&B Seeds and Agricultural Companies. It is one he has thought of pursuing himself.

“Our current market structure is such that if the value falls so substantially, the farmer may well not make any funds at all,” he describes. Warehousing with ideal engineering and processes in spot to manage the integrity and good quality of the grain would resolve a challenge for the farmers and present a perhaps valuable chance for the player supplying the storage house, Kemetse argues.

“If you check with me in which there is a small business possibility, this is just one that exists in the value chain where M&B operates,” he states.

A analyze discovered that whilst some of these storage alternatives now exist in Ghana, there have been different reasons why they have been not efficient. In some cases, checking insects and grain moisture at farm- and warehouse-storage facilities were being not productive or responsible. The study also mentions that farmers have been not essentially patronising warehouse storage methods. A 3rd obtaining was a deficiency of shelling, drying and storage facilities in shut proximity to grain-creating communities.

According to Kemetse, the next move is to provide a warehouse for storage near to grain farms and offer you the farmers a confirmed rate.

He believes the owners of storage services like these could even contemplate introducing some worth to the grains, e.g. milling compact quantities to deliver instantly to suppliers.

M&B Seeds and Agricultural Services CEO speak to data

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