How do ratings affect money transfer apps? – An overview of the negatively reviewed apps

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Paysend: The Ultimate Monito Money Transfer Review 2021

Online banking and transferring money through third-party apps offer secure and convenient options but nowadays, money transfer apps are used more. The money transfer app market is continually expanding, making it difficult to select the best option for your preferences. Here, a review website helps you in making your decisions.

How would reviews help you out?

Consumers’ purchasing decisions have changed as a result of reviews. They’re more than just a means for customers to get information, though. They’re also an effective way to engage customers. Positive ratings may have a significant impact on sales because so many buyers today rely on reviews when looking for products or services. For example, is much loved by customers because it has an overall rating of 4.8. 

Negatively reviewed money transfer apps

As we know that these peer-to-peer payment options are growing, we should be aware of the companies about which people are saying negative things. Some of the negatively reviewed money transfer apps are;

  1. MoneyGram (3.5 stars)

According to the users, they’re still waiting for the refunds to be processed. They also say that money is held in the app for more than 10 days. Some people were complaining that they were double charging them and not responding to the application for money return.

  1. Hypur (2.4 stars)

People complained about their customer service (harsh tone and screaming). There were problems with signing in, sending money, and processing the payment. They still didn’t address the issues and customers are unhappy with them. Moreover, complaints about the company being unethical were also made.

  1. Realypay (2.3 stars)

According to the users, they have effectless communication with unreliable sellers. People are telling other buyers that they shouldn’t go for it as the buying processes can be slow and the things they’ll receive will be fake. Moreover, customer service is also very bad.

  1. Uphold (2.1 stars)

Users said that they have terrible accounting service and awful customer service in which customer dealers are slow. Moreover, the fees are very high even a normal person can’t handle them. Complaints about this company being a scam were also registered (a person lost $11,000 in a call scam and didn’t receive it back.

Negative reviews help shoppers and subscribers make informed decisions and stay away from scammers. Like the above-mentioned money, transfer apps received ratings on a scale of 2 which means that they are not trustworthy and should be avoided. People also shared their personal experiences with the apps.

Is wise money transfer good or bad?

Wise money transfer offers cheap options to transfer money across 80 countries. It is known for delivery in minutes, no markup fees, and cheap rates but some people’s reviews say that transfers through bank accounts can take over 4 to 5 business days and sometimes over a week. Moreover, phone support is limited which says that customers can only make phone calls from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM.

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