New Oil Lease Ban Helps make Good Industry Feeling

Water from hydraulic mining hits sediment at the Excellent Silica Sands LLC facility in Barron, Wisc., Sept. 10, 2015.


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Pertaining to your editorial “Biden’s Fossil-Fuel Freeze” (Jan. 23): The federal leasing procedure has been a mess for a long time. Overproduction and a glut in world-wide oil marketplaces has driven costs down and bankruptcies up because 2015—long just before the pandemic. In other words and phrases, there is no urgency to lease much more federal land for drilling, a class the Trump administration blindly pursued. Most lease profits have 1 bidder, quite a few none at all. Leases normally offer for $2 for each acre. Tens of millions of leased acres sit idle and will in all probability hardly ever enter output. In the new, very contentious Arctic Nationwide Wildlife Refuge lease sale, the most important bidder was the state of Alaska, and no main oil producers submitted bids at all.

Also, royalties from mineral development on federal land have been an critical income stream for western states like New Mexico. Nevertheless the exact 12.5% royalty charge has utilized given that 1920s, though oil-rich states like Texas cost as significantly as 25% for drilling on state lands.

The sky is not falling for the oil and fuel marketplace, and there is neither a shortage of federal oil and fuel leases nor a will need for increasing output.

Autumn Hanna

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