Why Choose Bezel Engagement Rings as your Engagement Ring

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Why Bezel-Set Engagement Rings Are Fashion-Forward and Unexpected – Ring  Concierge

When it comes to getting an engagement ring, factors are to be considered since there are multiple designs you can choose from. From simple to complicated ones. Halo engagement rings, solitaire engagement rings and bezel engagement rings are just a few settings you can select from. That’s why it is hard to pick which one is the most ideal one for your future bride. Bezel engagement ring can be a good choice and here are the reasons why:

Protects the Fragility of the Center Stones

Center Stones are an important part of the engagement ring , therefore they should be secured. In a bezel setting ring the center stone is fully or partially enclosed in a metal rim that’s why it will not be easily damaged when it gets snagged on clothes or any other objects. Compared  with other settings, bezel settings are able to secure the center stone better. 

Ideal for People with Active Lifestyle

If your woman loves to work with her hands then a bezel engagement ring is perfect for her.Most women take extra care once they have their engagement rings, since they worry that it might get scratched or get further damage. But with bezel settings they can just move naturally without worrying too much on their rings. 

Designs are Unique and Modern 

Unique bezel set engagement rings come in many designs be it readily made or customized. With a wide variety of designs customers will never run out of choices. They also fit any fashion since the settings are flexible when it comes to matching it with any clothes worn by the wearer. 

Center Stone is Dominant 

Sometimes women are focused on the size of the   since it can make it more eye-catching but with bezel set diamond rings, the center stone is noticed easily because of the metal rim around it. IT makes it look more prominent and sometimes makes it appear bigger depending on the shape of the center stone. 

Kinds of Bezel Engagement Rings 

Bezel Set Engagement Ring

After engagement comes the marriage and couples need another set of rings for this event. The good thing about it is they are ready for whatever their customers ask. That’s why they have created a set of rings that includes an engagement plus wedding ring altogether and designed as a set! Pretty amazing right? The groom doesn’t have to worry about what to get as a wedding bond ring anymore because everything is there since he chooses an engagement ring he prefers. Whether it’s customized or not it can save time for the customers to make a lay out for their rings. 

Half Bezel Engagement Ring

For this type of bezel engagement ring only half of the center stone is enclosed in a metal rim exposing some part of the sides of the stone. This setting can make the ring appear more sparkly still secured compared with prong settings. 

Vintage Bezel Set Engagement Rings

For women who want something antique this can be perfect . Bezel can be flexible when it comes to the designs that customers want, they can accessorize it with stones to make it vintage. Intricate designs can be possibly made for bezel settings. Since most olden rings have solid protection on their center stone, vintage bezel will fit just right.  

Beveled Engagement Ring

Combining bevel and bezel settings can be a good choice to make the ring more solid looking and make it more durable. Beveled rings have four sides on the shank forming a thick band. This can make the ring look more stunning especially for women who want a bulkier ring instead of the most common one which is slimmer. 

Bezel engagements rings can be a good choice since it can secure the center stone better compared with other settings. The beauty of bezel engagement rings in Dallas can be viewed online or you can check on their physical store so you can appreciate it more. Jewelers would be willing to show you the details of their bezel diamond rings and you can pick one from a wide variety of selections. If you want it customized, start making a layout of your details and work with your jewelers on the specifications of the rings you would want to give to your partner. 

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